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In 1980, I, Oscar Tudela, along with my partner Vicky, ventured from Bolivia to California with the aim of realizing the American Dream. Fueled by unyielding determination and a fervor for the world of hair and makeup, we inaugurated our inaugural beauty haven in Sun Valley, California, in 1982. Almost immediately, queues began to form around our establishment, a testament to the high demand from eager clients. In response, Vicky and I expanded our vision, introducing two additional salons in Studio City and Reseda. Today, I am honored to share that our collective experience spans over 50 years, dedicated to enhancing the world's beauty.

Strategically positioned within the heart of the San Fernando Valley, our establishment draws a diverse clientele, ranging from prominent Hollywood figures to friendly neighbors residing down the street. Our motto, "Step through our doors, become family," resonated with all who entered. Every day, Vicky and I continue to faithfully pursue our dream, upholding its legacy. Along this remarkable journey, we welcomed three beautiful daughters into our lives, followed by the joy of three precious grandchildren. Our honed skills and expertise have been carefully imparted, ensuring that the Modelcuts promise will endure for generations to come.


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    Address: 11370 Ventura Blvd, CA 91604 

    Hours: Tuesday- Sunday 10am-5pm

    Description: Discover an iconic address at 11370 Ventura Blvd, nestled within the vibrant neighborhood of Studio City, California. This prime location offers a blend of urban convenience and a laid-back atmosphere, making it a sought-after destination. Just steps away from trendy boutiques, fine dining establishments, and local entertainment venues, this address captures the essence of Southern California's lifestyle. With its tree-lined streets and a mix of modern and classic architecture, 11370 Ventura Blvd provides a unique blend of luxury and comfort in the heart of Studio City.

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    Address: 12049 Roscoe Blvd, Sun Valley, CA 91352 

    Hours: Tuesday- Sunday 10am-5pm

    Description: Conveniently situated at 12049 Roscoe Blvd in the charming neighborhood of Sun Valley. Nestled amidst the bustling streets, it offers easy access for both locals and visitors. The salon's prime location allows for a blend of urban convenience and a touch of suburban tranquility. With its address on Roscoe Blvd, it's likely to benefit from good visibility and foot traffic, making it an ideal spot for those seeking your salon's services."

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    Address: 18574 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA 91335

    Hours: Tuesday- Sunday 10am-5pm

    Description: Situated at the address of 18572 Sherman Way in the vibrant city of Reseda, California. This location places your salon right in the heart of the community, allowing it to be a part of the local hustle and bustle. Sherman Way is a well-known thoroughfare, ensuring excellent visibility and accessibility for clients. The diverse and dynamic neighborhood of Reseda provides a rich backdrop for your salon's services, making it an inviting destination for residents and passersby alike."

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